SCI FI Magazine Cover och intervju med Josh~

I april nummret av SCI FI Magazine kommer Jennifer Lawrence och Josh Hutcherson att vara på omslaget. SCI FI har också släppt en liten del av intervjun med Josh och där kan ni läsa vad Josh tycker om arenan och publiken till filmen.
“All in all, [the cornucopia] is what the big marketing campaign is going to be. It’s almost like the audience and viewers that come to see the movie are almost like members of the Capitol and members of the Districts where they have to actually wait until the movie comes out to see what happens in the games. Everything leading up to the games and building the characters and showing the world that the games will take place in, that’s what we’ll show everybody to get amped up for the games themselves which is the movie. It’s a big build up to the games so people will want to come see it for that element.”
Source: TheHob


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