EW intervju ifrån SDCC med Tributes och Prim~

En intervju med Dayo, Willow, Alexander, Amandla och Jack ifrån San Diego Comic Con. Tyvärr går den inte att bädda in, men ni kan se den på EW här, eller klicka på biledn nedan! (:
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Video: Urban Rush intervjuar Alexander Ludwig~

Vancovers Urban Rush intervjuade för någon dag sen Alexander Ludwig. Denna intervju är lite rolig, då de tar upp frågor som annars inte ställs. T.ex. att Alexander la på sig 18 kilo muskler för rollen som Cato, vilket, iaf inte jag visste! Njut av fem och en halv minut Alexander Ludwig!
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Jackie Emerson - Catch Me If You Can~

Jackie Emerson, rävflickan, har släppt sin nya music video 'Catch Me If You Can'.
Någon idé vilka som är i bakgrunden? It's a tribute dance party! :D
I wrote it last year, and then I booked The Hunger Games and so we held on to it. When we initially filmed it, we had it in this small studio space. But because it’s a dance song, it needed to have more so we re-filmed it on the beach with me and my friends.
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Video: Celebuzz intervjuar Alexander Ludwig~

Celebuzz har intervjuat Alexander Ludwig, som spelar Cato, där han snckar om favvo scen, träningen han fick göra för rollen och massa annat. Bra intervju! Enjoy.
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Alexander Ludwig och Leven Rambin pratar skillnader mellan bok och film~

E! Online har intervjuat Leven Rambin och Alexander Ludwig om filmen Hungercplen vs boken Hungerspelen. Lite skillnader och sådär lixom (: Intressant!

Leven - “There’s some twists. There’s some additions,” Leven Rambin—who plays the gorgeous but ruthless tribute Glimmer in the flick—recently told us, promising that fans will definitely be surprised.

She continues, “There’s some small, like innuendos that I think people will be like ‘Oh, I didn’t catch that in the book’…because it wasn’t in the book.”

Alexander - “I think it will surprise most fans because usually when you see a movie about a book it’s not really that true to the book,” he filled us in. “Or at least it varies a little. But Gary’s done an excellent job of making sure it stays very identical to the book.”

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People Magazine intervjuar Amandla Stenberg inför kommande nummer~

People Magazine släpper den 2:a mars sitt special nummer av Hungerspelen. Här har de fått chansen att intervjua Amandla Stenberg om Jennifer Lawrence och hennes skämt innan tagningarna. Plus lite annat smått och gott! (:
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The Hollywood Reporter intervjuar Alexander, Leven och Jackie~

HungerGamesSweden har delat med sig av några videos som The Hollywood Reporter har gjort. De snackar med Alexander Ludwig (Cato), Leven Rambin (Glimmer) och Jackie Emerson (rävflickan). Enjoy!
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Isabelle Fuhrman intervjuas av Seventeen Magazine~

En riktigt läsvärd intervju där Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove) berättar t.e.x om festmåltiden då hon och Jennifer Slåss mot varandra. Enjoy it! (:

17: How did you prepare to play Clove?

IF: I actually wrote a back story for her, like a biography. I had to stick to the book as much as I could because the book has such a huge fan base and I’m such a huge fan of the book as well. I wrote about where I thought she came from, her family and how she might know Cato and other people in the Games.

17: Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?

IF: Team Katniss. I relate to her so much.

17: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

IF: The feast scene, when I attack Katniss. I got to do all my own stunts, so it was very cool to be able to put all of my training to the test. At the end of the day, Jennifer Lawrence and I were like, “Oh my God, I’m so tired!”

17: It sounds like your actual training was very similar to tribute training.

IF: It really was! We had to really be good at our own craft, so I did a ton of knife throwing and combat.

17: Did you think about your face when you filmed fight scenes? Did you want to look cute?

IF: I probably look ridiculous, but that’s a good thing – I’m supposed to look crazed and rabid. I think that worked.

17: Did you keep any mementos from the set?

IF: I wish! Although, I did learn how to flip a butterfly knife. But butterfly knives are illegal in California, so I can’t exactly get one to practice.

17: What are you going to do to celebrate the movie coming out?

IF: Everyone in the cast is going to see it together. We'll surprise some fans at the movie theater!

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Grattis på födelsedagen Isabelle Fuhrman!

Idag fyller våran Isabele Fuhrman, som spelar Clove från distrikt 2, 15 år! Hipp hipp hurra hurra hurra hurraaaaaa!
Här kan ni följa henne på twitter! (:

Sam Tan (Distrikt 8) har joinat twitter~

För er twitter freak så har ännu en skådis i Hungerspelen joinat twitter. Han heter Sam Tan och spelar pojken ifrån distrikt 8. Ni kan följa honom här, och om ni inte vet vem killen är, så kan ni se hans demo reel (han är ju stuntman o.s.v. ) här nedan! Enjoy! (:

Jackie Emerson når 10 000 followers och ger oss en video!~

Jackie Emerson har precis nått 10 000 followers på twitter, och i och med detta så ger hon oss fans en liten videohälsning och berättar en liten nyhet att se fram emot! Enjoy (:
Source: Jackie på twitter

Seventeen Magazine BTS - Leven Rambin~

Här kommer en Behind The Scenes med Leven Rambin ifrån Seventeen Magazine Photoshoot. Nice! Hoppas vi får se sånna här med alla tjejerna, precis som vi fick med boysen!
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Jackie Emerson Photoshoot with Marissa Tandon~

Jackie Emerson (rävflickan) har gjort en Photoshoot med Marissa Tandon, checka in de tre bilderna på jackie nedan, eller gå in på Marissas tumblr för att se alla bilder ifrån photoshoot!
Source: Mockingjay.net

Publisher Weekly's intervju med Amandla Stenberg~

Publisher Weekly har publicerat en intervju med Amandla Stenberg. Läs ett urdrag nedan eller hela i sourcen! Enjot (:

When did you first read The Hunger Games?
I think I first read the books at the end of sixth grade, two summers ago. I remember everyone in school was talking about them and how amazing they were, and talking about the characters.

Did you picture yourself as Rue?
When I first read the book, I really didn’t picture myself as Rue. Then I read it again, and I did picture myself as her. She’s very musical, and very small like me, and very quick.

How are you musical?
I like to sing. I play guitar, violin, and drums. …

How did you find out about auditioning for the role, and how did you prepare for it?
I heard that they were making a movie, and I already loved Rue. I called my agent repeatedly, saying, ‘Please, please, please get me an audition.’ After my many, many phone calls, they got an audition for me. That was my golden opportunity. I prepared and prepared, and I went in and met with the casting director, Debra Zane, who helped me, before I met with Gary [director Gary Ross].

What did you do to get into character and make yourself feel like Rue?
For my audition, I went to Gary’s house. To get prepared, I dressed up like Rue. I wore khakis and a T-shirt, and my mom had rolled around my clothes in the dirt before. And we put twigs in my hair and leaves all over me, and stains were all over my clothes. And I had a little wreath of flowers in my pocket that I thought Rue might have. That was in my pocket as good luck, and also a special rock. Those were my little tokens I thought Rue would have.

Did you show them to the director?
No, I didn’t. It was kind of like my special secret. …

How many days was Suzanne Collins on set? And did she give you any pointers on Rue?
She was there for two days in the middle of shooting. It was so amazing to meet her – the creator of all this. We were doing a very traumatic scene, and I was kind of bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t quite sure if this was how Suzanne Collins imagined the scene. And so I talked to her, and she told me just that Rue was trying to be very strong for Katniss. She wanted Katniss to go on, so she tried to be very brave for Katniss. That was very helpful.

So did you cry less?

Because you were trying to be brave?

Source: Publisher Weekly

Isabelle Fuhrman - intervju med NextMovie~

NextMovie har fångat upp Isabelle Fuhrman och frågat henne lite saker om Hungerspelen, t.ex. att hon grät när hon fick rollen som Clove o.s.v. Enjoy (:
Source: DWTC

Isabelle Fuhrmans - The Healer new movie poster~

Efter att Isabelle Furman (Clove), var färdig med Hungerspelen så åkte hon nästa på en gång tillbaka till North Carolina och spelade in en till film, The Healer. Ny har filmen fått ett officiell Movie Poster. Check it out!
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Annie Thurman Ustream~

Annie Thurman (distrikt 9) har twittrat att hon tänker ha en Ustream med sina fans den 5:e januari klockan 12.00 CT (19.00 svensk tid). Länkar Ustremen när den kommer upp!

Isabelle Fuhrman UStream!~

Hade heeeeeeelt totalt missat att Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove) hade en Ustream igår. Här kommer den och måste bara säga att hon är ju hur gullig som helst, och kolla söt hunden i slutet!
runt 1:05 snackar hon om Hungerspelen, annars är det om Ophran och annat random stuff, enjoy (:
Source: TheHob

Seventeen Magazine photoshoot med Alexander, Dayo, Ashton och Sam~

Alexander Ludwig, Dayo Okeniyi, Ashton Moio och Sam Tan har gjort en photoshoot med Seventeen Magazine med temat 'Prom'. Roliga intervjuer där de berättar lite om sina karaktärer i hungerspelen och om sin skolbal.
Source: Cambio

Amandla Stenberg intervju på Youth Rock Awards~

Source: TheHob

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