Isabelle Fuhrman Q&A på twitter~

Isabelle Fuhrman har gjort en Q&A på sin twitter. Här kommer några som hon svarade på (:
What was your favorite scene in #TheHungerGames ??
Isabelle: I always loved the battle at the Cornucopia at the beginning of the book.
What was the most fun experience on set?
Isabelle: Learning the stunts! And getting to meet such an amazing cast and make great friends :)
What do you thought when you first saw the trailer??
Isabelle: I am so excited to see the movie! As a huge fan of the book, the trailer was exactly what I wanted to see!
Did you read The Hunger Games prior to the movie, or after you were cast? Where you going for the part of Clove?
Isabelle: I had read the books long before! I am probably one of the craziest #hungergames fans!

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Hur får man en sån där klocka??

2011-11-30 @ 17:05:40

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